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Website Design and Website Development, What is The Difference?

Author: elevateseoperth Posted On: January 21, 2019


In the growing digital world, businesses are looking for both web designing and web development services to expand their online presence. Both the services are important aspects of the web building process with both individual skill set. So it is important to get clarity of the two different aspects when you are looking for web design and development services for your company.

Basic Difference between Web Design and Web Development

A web design monitors the visual style and design elements of a website that includes the colour scheme, information flow, layout and proper usability of the website. Whereas web development, on the other hand, monitors the different codes that influence the working of the website. It is categorized into two parts, i.e. front end and back end. The front end of the website is responsible for showing up how the website would look like, and the back end of the website manages the information within the database and serving the front end with the information to be shown on the web page.

Skill Sets

The web designers and developers differ largely in their specified skill sets. Some of the common tools of web designing are designed software, graphic designing, logo design, layout, branding, wireframes and mockups, typography. Whereas some of the common skill sets and tools that a web developer work on are HTML/CSS/Javascript, CSS processors, Libraries, frameworks, git and git hub.

Closer Look at Web Design and Web Development

Web designers are more worried about the client’s perspective about what they observe on the computer screen rather than getting into the technical mechanisms that go beneath the surface of the website. They work on some design principle to attain a pleasing layout of the website.

Creating a Functional Website

The web developers or the programmers take the design and create a functional website. The developers break the design into several components. They make use of programming languages such as PHP to develop the pages of the website. The developers make a static layout into a fully functional website with active states for buttons and links.

Most of the companies who are looking to create their website may get confused by the two related terms web design and web development. However, despite being similar both the terms web design and development services are different from each other and have their unique set of functions to perform.


Author: We are a boutique digital agency in Perth offering services that include website design & development, logo design, branding and digital marketing. We provide solutions to businesses of all sizes in the online marketplace. Marc Radaic and Luke Firth are the founders of Elevate SEO Perth.


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