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A Logo Is A First Impression

You don’t get a second shot at a first impression and your logo is quite often that first impression for a potential client or customer. By presenting your company with a professional and dynamic logo and most importantly a logo that fits nicely in your niche you have the ability to leave a positive lasting impression on a prospective customer.

A Logo Can Reveal A Lot About Your Company

Great business branding can help a customer to get an idea about your company. By choosing bold strong colours or soft subtle hues you can convey a lot. Team this up with the right artwork or design and you can really show the world what you are all about.

Set Yourself Apart From The Competition

Instead of going with the masses and copying everyone in your niche with a similar logo (like a landscaping company with a tree and some grass as a logo). You have the opportunity to create a daring and bold logo that will be one that will stand out from the crowd and show a customer that you are a business that is professional and confident.

Brand Loyalty

Ever had a product that you love and they go and change the logo and branding. It can make you feel anything from inconvenience to dismay, this is because we build brand loyalty to companies that we deal with. It can’t be underestimated how strong customers can feel towards products and businesses and a great logo is key to giving these customers a visual cue as which they can instantly recognize your company.

Get Your Brand Everywhere

By putting your logo on all of your marketing, packaging, products, website and social media you are advertising your business in a consistent recognizable fashion. By teaming up your strong brand message and linking it with your logo you are continually reinforcing the message every time a customer or client sees your logo.

LOGO Packages

  • Our Logo Package
    $375 plus GST

    • 4 Original logo concepts
    • 3 Design Revisions
    • 100% Ownership Rights
    • File Formats: AI, EPS, PNG, PSD, JPEG, TIFF
    • Fast turnaround
  • No upfront set up costs
  • Minimum initial 3-month term
  • Prices exclude GST

What We Actually Do!


All our packages offer at least 4 initial concepts so you can get a wide variety of ideas for your logo design. This can allow us to show you a variety of colors and text fonts so you can make informed decisions on the logo you would like to go with


Our package will contain 3 redraws so if, in the unlikely event, you are not happy with the initial concepts we will give you another set of options after close consultation to find exactly what you are after.


After picking the logo that you like we will happily make changes to lift it from a good logo for your company to a great one. We offer 3 design revision changes so satisfaction is guaranteed.


We never use clipart or any premade logos. All logos are 100% unique and you will have full copyright ownership. After all it is your logo we are designing!


All our packages are completed within 5 business days and are all given their own dedicated project manager.

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