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Organic Search Fuels Website Traffic

No matter how big your advertising budget there is no substitute for the huge numbers of website visitors that can be generated from being in the top few positions in the organic (the first positions after the paid ads) rankings. No one knows exactly why, but the click through rates for these spots is far superior than the paid ad spots and they cost absolutely nothing when someone does click on your site.

SEO Builds Cred

By establishing yourself in the first few spots of a search engine you are basically proving that you are a trustworthy brand and that what you offer is valuable and market leading. This is a fantastic way to break down barriers to making a sale as the potential customer knows that Google or any other search engine has decided that you are an authority in your chosen market or field.

SEO Is Synonymous With Great User Experience

We SEO company providing affordable SEO services know that you want to be at the top of your keyword rankings, but what you might not know is that a huge factor in this is the experience your website visitors are getting. Google tracks nearly everything that visitors to your website are doing and uses this to ascertain how relevant you are to your keyword terms you want to rank for.

Local SEO Gives You An Online Presence In Your Area

This is now a vital part of many small and medium sized businesses strategies. With the rise of mobile searching, this will give you access to people close by who are actively searching for your product or service. This places them so far down the sales funnel that your conversion rates are multiplied many times over.

SEO Can Get Your Company Into The Buying Cycle

The sales funnel usually starts with a potential customer doing some research and progresses through to finally being ready to pull the trigger on a decision. With good SEO and a well constructed website your business will be ready to step in and show that potential customer that you have the product or service that they have been looking for. This is at the very heart of what we do, by getting your website working for your customers we are improving your SEO naturally.

It’s A Constant Evolution.

Google is always changing its algorithm. We providing internet marketing service constantly stay up to date with these changes and continually work to make the necessary changes as they are needed. Unfortunately, it is impossible to stay at the very top of your niche if you do not stay at the very top of you SEO game. The reason for this is that Google’ core mantra is to make it’s site as user friendly as possible so if you are not constantly improving and changing your site then Google sees you as inferior to your competitors who are.

Understanding SEO Helps You Stay Ahead Of The Curve

A lot of the algorithm changes made by search engines are based on trends or assumptions of direction of behaviour. So by keeping your finger on the pulse you can not only see the trends as they are happening or developing but you have a huge opportunity to get ahead of the competition. Right now for example there is a huge shift to mobile browsing but only some companies are making the change, that is a priceless opportunity for the savvy business.

SEO Is Extremely Cheap

What? I hear you say! But if we actually look at what can be generated by attaining the top few positions in a niche or field then the cost becomes a tiny fraction of what can be generated. The ability to not only increase customer interaction massively but also in a fairly predictable and stable manner is the truly great thing about quality SEO. All of this can be reported in infinite detail so you know exactly the return and how to plan for the future.

It’s A Long Term Plan

SEO results can be seen very quickly on occasion but if any company guarantees it then it would be advised to run the other way. The very core of the issue is that no one knows what Google is ranking sites on (although through testing we can get a good idea) so we can not promise the top spot. But if you are willing to commit to improving your website in every way for the user and the search engine then results will start to happen and then as your competitors give up or are unaware you can get that highly sort after spot. Once at the top it is very hard to be displaced as long as SEO is constantly being improved.

SEO Can Be Quantified

At first tangible data is hard to find but as the months go on we can start putting together some meaningful insights into exactly what the increase in website visitors is doing to your business and your finances. Over time we can start to see where your customers are heading within the site and just as importantly where they are leaving from your site. From here we can make the adjustments and improve your optimization. More importantly we can keep them on your site to achieve your goals with what you would like your traffic to do.

Organic First Page Is The Only Way

The value of being on the first page for a search has been shown in countless researches. The general consensus is more than 40% of click through happen to the top 3 positions in the organic search positions. To put this into context, only 20% of the time will a user click on a paid ad spot at the top. So not only are you achieving a higher amount of incoming traffic but not taking a hit on every click that occurs. This can give a staggering advantage over your competition.

SEO Packages

  • No upfront set up costs
  • Minimum initial 3-month term
  • Prices exclude GST

What We Actually Do!

(how we get your website to the first page!)


For every new client we undertake it is critical to do a full website analysis, keyword research and competitor audit. This way we can understand what makes your business tick, then determine the best strategy for your business.

On Page Optimization

As the name suggests, this is everything that is on your page that search engines use to rank your site. We will make sure that every page on the site is appearing exactly the way that Google and other search engines like it to. We will also make sure that the content within the site is written and structured to do the same while appealing to website visitors.

Off Page Optimization

We tailor a package to the businesses needs, it includes a mix of blogs, articles directory submissions to name a few. All off page work is contained in our monthly reports so the client can follow the progress and also gain a better understanding of what they can also do to benefit their website.

Website Improvement

Before we get ranking the site we will go through every page and resolve any issues that are causing problems. They can include broken links, 404 errors, page optimization problems and many more. We will make suggestions to improving the structure and content within the site so that your site actually has the potential to get to the very top places within all search engines.

Google My Business

If not already done, we will create a Google My Business account so the business info is found on Google+, Maps and Search. If a business has already claimed their account we will strengthen the account and continue to update it’s content. A lot of businesses are missing opportunities by not ranking in the first three positions on Google Maps and therefore showing up at the very top of any keyword search. Your business will not be one of those missing out!

Monthly Ongoing Reporting

We provide detailed monthly reports on your SEO results. The reports cover all the data that a business owner cares about. Things like keyword ranking and position direction, website visitors and trend direction, location of search traffic and much more. We also include links to all the content that we have created on behalf of the business so you know exactly what is being produced on behalf of your company.

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