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Best SEM Practices For Improving Search Rankings

Author: elevateseoperth Posted On: August 17, 2021

Before executing the Search Engine Marketing campaigns, first, you need to be clear with what is meant by Search Engine Marketing or SEM. Well, SEM denotes the digital strategy for increasing a website’s visibility and rankings through paid campaigns. SEM can even be categorised as Pay Per Click (PPC) or Paid Search Advertising, wherein the marketers have to make a payment to the search engines for placing their websites in ad spaces right at the search results top for specific keywords.

Search Engine Marketing is the fastest method to target the consumers for boosting clicks on drive high-quality traffic, on call-to-action thereby maximizing conversion rates. So, with the opportunity in advertising on the third-party eCommerce as well as social platforms like YouTube and Amazon, SEM is now even including the PPC and paid search marketing.

The SEM experts of Elevate SEO Perth, recommend SEM implementation along with your social media and SEO tactics for creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. SEO can be used for leveraging PPC campaigns, and even vice versa. Using the latest trends and analytics, you will be able to determine the most visited pages, the popular keywords in the industry and the relevant content. These insights are much useful in creating relevant messaging, ad copies, as well as landing pages needed for successful PPC campaigns. Even the high-click ad campaigns can even be used in the page titles as well as meta descriptions for optimizing for better organic search.

Best SEM Practices To be Put To Effect
Even if an organic search is highly popular among the customers compared to paid marketing, still the consumers arriving at the eCommerce site through the PPC are 50% likely to purchase. Highly targeted advertisements with an engaged copy must be included in successful search campaigns for boosting conversion rates. Here are the chief four SEM practices, the SEM experts of Elevate SEO Perth follow for boosting their clients’ search rankings.

i. Keyword Research
Keyword research is equally essential for SEM, like SEO. So, using long-tail keywords in advertisements and digital content is important for driving customers for targeting landing pages. The general recommendation is finding the best keywords and phrases on the basis of the same used by competitors and target customers on search engines on conducting the keyword research. Data and analytics are much helpful in identifying the top-performing keywords for developing the best search ads for businesses. So, the ads gaining the most clicks, the keywords arriving a lot in searches and the keywords in need of improvements have to be determined.

ii. Search Retargeting
Just 29.9% of clicks lead the customers to purchases. Here, the best recommendation is the retargeting implementation in digital marketing strategy for increasing the clicks and conversions. SEM retargeting is good for retargeting ads to potential customers on the basis of their earlier searches and actions for specific keywords. As a result, it is beneficial in attracting and capturing target customers with the paid ads on search engines.

iii. Mobile Optimization
Mobile is the vital platform for reaching out to potential customers and rule the competition. In most cases, mobile ad traffics have well surpassed desktops. So, the traffic volume coming from the mobile devices in Pay Per Click has to be first determined for accordingly adjusting the mobile strategy. The campaigns are even tailored on the basis of geographic locations, either locally, nationally or internationally.

iv. Testing
The most essential practice of SEM is testing. Search rankings can be significantly improved through testing and learning paid ads optimization with different keywords, headlines, offers, discounts and more. SEM even brings up several opportunities for implementing new tactics and strategies into marketing campaigns. On looking through Google AdWords, the advertising platforms like Pinterest and LinkedIn are even targeted for acquiring a better reach of a target market.

SEM is much necessary as it ensures the target audience can see the contents you have created in their search query results. You will not be left out competing for organic space, since your advertisements will be shown at the top of the first SERP page. Thus, you can effectively reach out to your target market, drive-in traffic and boost better conversions.


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