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What is the Cost of A Business Website?

Author: elevateseoperth Posted On: July 13, 2021

Most clients at larger are concerned that “How Much Does Website Building Cost?”. In this discussion, we shall find the answer out. Likewise, you can understand how your money matters.

How Much Does it Typically Cost for Building Up A Website?
Though, a website development company charges $200 for building up a website and charge $50 per month for maintaining it. This estimate could go higher with the upfront charge being around $6000, while the ongoing cost is around $1000 per year.

Website Feature

Upfront Cost of the Website

Website Domain

$ 12 – $ 60

Website Hosting

$ 35 – $ 600

SSL Certificate

$ 0 – $200

Website Template or Website Theme

$ 0 – $200

Ecommerce Functionality

$ 20 – $ 24,000

Website Content

$ 0 – $ 5000

Apps And Integrations

$ 0 – $ 100

SEO and Marketing

$0 – $ 90

You have three options for building up a website – using a website builder, using WordPress for building a website, or hiring a website designer from Elevate SEO Perth. Your chosen method will immensely impact your website cost. For instance, with a web builder, content creation is free, but you will have to pay about $5000 when you are working with a web designer.

Usually, the cheapest way for building a website is using website builders. WordPress might a free open-source platform, but you need to make payments for themes, hosting, and plugins and even for professional web developer’s help – your overall cost is sure to go high.

On the other hand, hiring a website designer from an established website development company like Elevate SEO Perth is the safest option, even if it costs a little more. You need not have to pay above $5000 for hiring a website designer.

At the end of the day, all the decision is yours. Even if hiring a professional website designer costs some extra yet the process is free from technical hassles. With the help of a website builder, the method becomes easy and cost-effective, but the same control level of WordPress will miss. Through WordPress you have flexibility, but the drawback is as it is the hands-on approach, so it is the most time-consuming.

You might expect your website will cost around $300 and $ 20,000, and possibly more depending on the website type you are willing to create. The four categories of a website include basic, small business, E-commerce, and bespoke.

Website Type


Perfect For

Cost of Designing


Brochure style

Landing page, and from one to five pages

Contact Us Page


Small business owners in the traditional industries,

Self-Employed Workers,

Business owners without any need to regularly update their websites.

$ 0 – $ 1000

Small Businesses

Brochure Style

Multiple Pages

Rich in Features

Responsive Designs

CMS and Responsive Designs

Social Media Integration

Optimized Google My Business

Optimized Google Analytics and Google Maps

Small business firms



Those who have no urgency in regularly updating their contents.


$ 1,000 – $ 5,000

E-commerce Websites

Same Features of the Small Businesses, and even –

E-commerce Functionality

Order Management Systems

The functionality of Delivery Tracking

All the businesses interested in online sales

$2,500 – $10,000


Database-Driven Websites

Unlimited Sub-pages

Advanced Functionality

Businesses in need of complex functionalities, which include –

Financial Services

Recruitment Companies

Property Companies

Architecture Firms

Health and Fitness Units


$5,000 and above

Get in touch with Elevate SEO Perth and talk about the respective options as we have discussed here. Be sure to talk about the involved costs so that you are sure about getting the maximum out of your money. Start working today for a better and defined future.



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