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How Important is Website Structure in Driving the Organic Traffic?

Author: elevateseoperth Posted On: June 14, 2021

Several factors are involved in business performance on the online grounds, and as a business owner, you have to ensure aligning your efforts for delivering the best user experience to your audience and optimizing maximum ROI. Focusing on content and SEO might be easy, but you need to take up well-planned strategizing efforts to ensure you have developed a strong foundation to drive potential traffic, leads, and subsequent conversions.

The whole process starts after clearly understand the role played by the site architecture – the web design agencies concentrate on this field. So what is this site architecture and what purpose is it having towards contributing success in the online grounds? How is SEO influenced by site architecture and drives organic traffic? We have discussed the details in this write-up.

First, let us know the meaning of site architecture.
The design elements involved in making websites functional -starting from the content strategy and graphic designs, and extending to the interaction designs and user interface, and finally to the overall website design are defined as website architecture. Website architecture is concerned with the way your business website is displaying along with its general usability – what it is looking like and how is it being navigated.

But there is something more than user experience. Site architecture even includes elements often not seen by everyone, and only the search engine crawlers can see them. The way a website is structured, linked, and necessarily layered – impacts how the audience views it and search bots index it. This entire setup has a vital role in SEO strategy, and even in business goal achievement.

Site Architecture Optimizing Strategies
In the firsts place, your website structure must focus on usability. At least does it matter, how much traffic you are bringing in if the users cannot intuitively navigate and easily discover what they were searching for? Nevertheless, attracting relevant traffic is the secondary goal. It indicates ensuring the important pages, like the home page, product pages, and contact pages are all being indexed, so they are better appearing with a prominent ranking for all the targeted searches.

The professionals of the web design agency are aware that the best way for ensuring indexing with high visibility, and so they set up your website architecture for the most important pages to be within 1 to 2 clicks of the home page. The more clicks are needed for reaching the target page from the home page, the longer is the URL, and the more difficult is it for the bots to index.

Additionally, the long URLs are related to long keywords. In SEO, the long-tail keywords are much useful and as a means of geo-targeting, for instance, the keywords need not be arbitrarily long and confusing. You can make it easier for the user to quickly get into where they have to go with a shallow navigation structure, that is by keeping the pages within 1 to 2 clicks of the homepage. Even the bots can index your pages properly.

What is the Importance of Site Architecture?
Once you are clear with what is the meaning of site architecture, and the ways for optimizing it, you might probably wonder how will it be helpful in driving organic traffic. We have already come across the fact that for search indexing, shallow navigation ideal as it improves the opportunities for the targeted searches to rank higher, thus increasing traffic potentially from the user base seeking what your business is offering.

Additionally, you have to prioritize the links to the vital pages on your site by placing them much close to the home page within one click, then Google will assign a lot of priority to the pages. In turn, it will be much helpful in boosting the necessary rankings for pages being paired with the additional SEO efforts, then you can surpass your competitors and seize the potential organic search traffic.


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