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Blogging – A Part of Digital Marketing?

Author: elevateseoperth Posted On: December 16, 2020


Did you ever think had there been one effective digital marketing strategy that can surely increase lead generation by 67% and double the chances for you to reap the benefits of a positive ROI as a result of your efforts? In this way, you are sure to receive 90% more links to visit your website. So had such a digital marketing strategy ever existed, you would be more than happy to embrace that very strategy.

Well, did you take time and think that this essential digital marketing strategy could be business blogging? Yes, it is so and, just like the other businesses in Perth, it is essential for you to consider blogging as a vital part of your digital marketing strategy.

So, How Do Blogging Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts?
If you are among the business owners in Perth embracing digital marketing strategies to reach greater B2B clients in Perth, then keep in mind that your website is extremely important in this entire process. Therefore, how does blogging assist your business to reach out to more clients? Well, blogging is beneficial to your business in several ways.

SEO and Traffic
First of all, think about how the clients will be searching for your business website. In several cases, the client is likely not to be aware of what your business name is. The customers will simply search to find answers to their queries and questions in the search engine. In major instances, the customers are likely to search for the products and services.

Hence, to make it easy for your customers to find you out easily, your website must rank high with the search engines. Your clients will be able to find you easily when you post high-quality blogs regularly on your website filled with relevant information based on the appropriate keywords and the right key phrases. This will even help your business to achieve a higher page rank in the search engines. With your rank being higher, your website will come to more notice, thus you can have more traffic. Hence, business blogging helps your business with SEO.

Consistent blogging leads to the site being better crawled to the search engines. When your site is being crawled by the search engines and new contents are found out, then it becomes an assurance that your website is active. It is clear to them that your website is better managed and relevant compared to static websites.

Lead Generation, Inspiring and Nurturing, and Finally Conversions
As soon as traffic comes to your website, the interesting and good-to-read blogs will arouse interest among the browsers to interact with you. When you provide more relevant content through blogs, which give all the answers to the clients’ questions by addressing all the issues through the best solutions, then you are converting your traffic to quality leads.

With more leads visiting your site to read the latest blogs you are posting, it is possible for you to build up a relationship with the leads. Thus, you nurture them throughout your entire customer journey. You can build up trust and establish your brand. So, what will be the result? Right when your leads will decide to purchase, then they will remember your brand name. This takes place at the time of conversions.

Better Insight to Your Audiences
Blogging helps in developing your investigation skills in the two most crucial ways. First, you can introduce the topics for a regular blog where you have to think just how your target audience is thinking. When you write a good business blog, then you constantly question yourself about what the readers are willing to find out, how you can make the knowledge more interesting, and the ways to convince your readers to follow the directions of the call to action.

Secondly, as you capture analytics for your blog, then it reveals a lot about how your website visitors are thinking and feeling. Through blog analytics, you can figure out the topic popular among the browsers, the contents they are sharing on social media, and when they read your content. When you know more about your leads, you empower yourself to nurture them and finally qualify them through the sales funnel.

Effective blogging is undoubtedly, a vital part of the overall digital marketing strategy that drives better traffic to your website; generate more new leads for your business. You can nurture these leads and you can get increased insight into your customer base. In the first place, blogging is really cost-effective and helps you to yield measurable results in relation to positive ROI.


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