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12 Essential Digital Marketing Trends In 2021

Author: elevateseoperth Posted On: March 17, 2021

Since we are living in technology-oriented times when technology marketing is moving faster and the marketers have to find out the solutions to the hard-to-predict customer interests and behaviours, so they conduct regular market research to study the consumer habits. Likewise, they can plan to set up marketing campaigns accordingly.

This is not the era for making any informed guesses to make the old methods work out.

As the times now demand, the marketers have to follow the 12 essential digital marketing trends for 2021 for their business to survive and thrive in the wide-scale age of innovation.

i. Artificial Intelligence
Just like in 2020, many people had woken up to artificial intelligence dominance, similarly, Artificial Intelligence will be at the forefront of digital marketing for 2021 and beyond. It will rule the global industries and business, along with simple jobs.

ii. Programmatic Advertisements
Using Artificial Intelligence for automating ad buying for targeting a greater number of specific audiences is stated as programmatic advertisements. For instance, real-time bidding is the programming ad-buying type. Such automation is highly efficient and swift, which indicates higher conversion but at lower costs for customer acquisitions.

iii. Chatbots
Chatbots will never lose their importance as digital marketing for the entire 2021 and beyond. AI-based technology that makes use of instant messaging for chatting in real-time, either at day or at night with all your site visitors and customers.

iv. Conversational Marketing
The mention of Chatbots states the reality of modern digital marketing – Chatbots make the chats more conversational. The present-day customers now prefer it this way, and prefer the brand, which is reacting and responding. When the customers raise queries or need answers to their questions, then 90% need “immediateā€¯ rather quick responses.

v. Personalization
To stand out in 2021, digital marketing strategies and campaigns have to be personalized. So, all your contents, emails, products, and everything should be personalized.

vi. Video Marketing
YouTube is not the only platform for video marketing. Video marketing can immensely drive higher engagement when informative and short videos are posted or a live video is started on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

vii. Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing is word-of-mouth marketing focusing on using the chief leaders for amplifying brand messages for creating a much larger market. The influencers could be the reputed bloggers, celebrities, youth icons, but at large, they are the YouTube and Instagram personalities having a large niche following with an ability to assist in spreading your business message about your products and services through their social media channels.

viii. Social Messaging Apps
To send bulk messages, social messaging apps are extremely useful. They help in sending messages directly to the customers. Thus, they enable personalization as well as add value to the user experiences. Added to it, the people have expectations from the businesses to retain a presence on the messaging apps since these are the direct and easier ways for interacting with them.

ix. Visual Searches
Visual searches have the ability to taking the user experience to an entirely new level. For searching, it is easier for people to upload and derive more and better specific results.

x. Voice Searches and Smart Speakers
Voice searches help the users to generate the relevant information they are searching for. Audio contents will be the main focus from 2021 and henceforth. With AI becoming smarter, so there are least or no chances for the voice assistants like Google, Siri, and Alexa in making any errors.

xi. SEO A/B Split Testing
Modern digital marketing comprises testing and analysis. Through A/B split testing, the variables can be isolated in campaigns and easily identified the versions driving the highly needed results. This testing form offers a methodical approach to the marketers for making effective changes when needed in the contents.

xii. Social Commerce with Shopping Worthy Posts
As social media and e-commerce are alarmingly growing, so the brands are focusing on using both together for maximizing opportunities for making greater sales.

2021 is running and within no time will you be left with only a few days for the arrival of the New Year. In these remaining years, before time and resources run out, be wise to make the best use of them. Talk to digital marketing professionals right away to implement these essential digital marketing trends for the benefit of your business in 2021.


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