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Are you starting to think this social media thing is not just a passing fad? You’re correct! That means your business is missing out on fantastic opportunities if you are not making the most of the broader audience and markets available through these platforms. If you are wondering whether your target market is using social media then have a look at the following statistics and see if they

  • EVERY age group is on social media
  • EVERY level of income is on social media
  • EVERY level of education is on social media
  • EVERY location is on social media (urban through to rural)

The above list shows you that there are not many markets that can not benefit from giving your business a strong presence on social media so let’s have a look at what these benefits are exactly.  Let’s get started!

Increase Your Brand Recognition

The most common way that potential customers find products and services is online. Google, social media or both, so if they find a business that has no social media accounts or a neglected one their trust levels will drop. If they come across an active and well managed account, not only are they going to see the business that you are but get a great idea of your values and an ability to connect to your brand on a far more personal basis. This is something that can not be done on Google and can really set you apart from the competition.

Grow Your Google Visibility

When a potential customer looks your business up online, you don’t want the spot below to be your biggest competitor. By having strong performing social media accounts you can now blanket the first page with your account pages and keep those pesky competitors hidden out of  view, where they belong! In addition, if you have all of the top listings, the odds of someone clicking through to one of these pages increases. On top of these benefits, all these accounts will drive traffic to your site and create backlinks pointing to your website which is the very cornerstone of great SEO.

Watch Your Sales Conversion Rate Soar

Social media gives you the opportunity to really express the personality of your business. This gives you the ability to gain a loyal following and high trust levels. This is fantastic for your sales conversion rates. When people follow, share and like the products and services of your business they are in essence providing “social proof” for your business. It also is keeping your business name in the minds of customers for when the time is right to make that purchase.

Customer Referrals And Retention

Social media gives a fantastic way to be able to stay in the minds of your customers. After a purchase many customers will continue to follow a company and this can be your moment to stay in the minds of your happy customers. When they see your business appear they can feel compelled to refer your business to their friends and family. On top of this, it is a great way of generating reviews and testimonials for your business for the same reason.

Create And Strengthen Partnerships

Once you have established a great social media account that represents your company you can then look use this to create collaborations and partnerships with other businesses. Not only this but you are now an attractive proposition for other businesses to single you out and look to share content and deals or any other mutually beneficial prospects.

Diversity Is Key

Social media gives another string to your bow. We hear time and time again of businesses that are the victim of a Google algorithm change where their business has plummeted overnight due to a large drop in search rankings. If you have a strong social media profile then you can protect yourself from having a nightmare situation arise due to a Google change in policy

SMM Packages

  • No upfront set up costs
  • Minimum initial 3-month term
  • Prices exclude GST

What We Actually Do!


All packages contain regular posting on Facebook and Instagram to increase user engagement. We will only post in a style that reflects the industry that your company is within. Time can get the better of anyone in business but regular engagement with their customer base is vital.


Not many people are aware of how important maintaining a regular posting habit on Google Plus is. If you want your business to be visible within the Google network then you have to play to their rules. We are experts at posting on Google Plus so that not only are we maintaining a presence but we are optimizing the posts as well.


If Donald Trump is tweeting on it, then surely your companies message is more important! We regularly tweet and work on building on your companies following while keeping with your companies personality.


Maintaining a regular interaction with Pintrest is a great way to build an online following and can really show potential clients why you are an authority within your field.


We will implement a strategy that is tailored to your companies individual needs. We will work with you to regularly review the plan so that we are achieving the best results possible.


Our monthly reports contain a detailed review of the previous months performance. We will outline the posts we have created and the interactions that have been performed. Over time an excellent picture can be derived of the importance of having a strong social presence.

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