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PPC is short for Pay Per Click (because digital marketers have to shorten everything even if the number of syllables is the same!). The great thing about a PPC campaign is that you can decide the budget and the amount you are willing to spend on every click of your ad. The most common platform that businesses use for PPC is Google Ads (formerly Adwords). Pay Per Click Management services also known as cost per click (CPC)is a kind of sponsored online advertising that is used to gain website traffic.  If you are new to this form of advertising there can be traps that lead to a lot of wasted spends but if you employ a marketer that is well versed in Pay Per Click then you can avoid this and see fantastic returns. So what are the benefits of PPC?

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Lightning Fast Results

As long as you have an established website then we can set up a campaign almost instantly after consultation with you about your goals and budget. There has never been a time in history where a business can start to target their exact target audience while defining their budget (on a daily spend basis if needed) and start making conversions almost instantly yet only a handful of businesses do it!

Measurable Results

If you have a target that you want to achieve then it can be measured. You can quantify anything that is related to your PPC campaign from clicks, views, profits, costs and many many more. As you start a campaign, you can start tracking your spend and your conversions and we are constantly testing and then changing the campaign to maximize the return on investment that our clients receive.

Autonomous To SEO

Although SEO is at the very core of what our business does, it is nice to not have to stay on top of the SEO work needed when in a Pay Per Click campaign. As long as the customer experience once clicking on your ad is good and the campaign has been tracked and optimized then there is no need to worry about algorithm changes and drops in rankings.

Hit Your Target Audience

The great thing about running a PPC campaign is you decide where and when your ads appear and how often that this happens. By defining things like the keywords you want, the location they appear, even the time of day they show, this gives you the flexibility to segment your market and bring your services or products in front of the best audience.

Take Advantage Of Opportunities

Let’s say that you are a carpet cleaner, a large storm has rolled through overnight and there has been localized flooding. If you are savvy and have a campaign ready to go then you can run a highly targeted campaign to that area and maximize your sales during the inevitable flurry of internet inquiries. Amazingly, only a handful of businesses take this opportunity and this gives you an amazing advantage over your competition.

Brand Recognition

Although not for every business, the ability to develop brand recognition can be fantastic for some. By creating display ads that appear when keywords (of your choosing) are typed, you have an excellent opportunity to develop a brand that people know and trust. Although harder to measure, this can give you a market leader aura that will lead to more sales further down the line.

Become A Leader In The Local Market

Pay Per Click campaign management is amazing for finding local customers. By showing up at the top of a listing for a keyword that you have specified and a distance range that you have kept close to your business, you have made yourself a highly attractive prospect for the potential customer. This, in combination with the ability to get directions to your store or business, is a great combination, and without showing up at the very top of the listing you may lose out to a competitor who is taking the lead.

Budget Control

When it comes to Pay Per Click Management, you can set an exact budget for your business so you have complete control of your outlays. You also can dictate how much you want to spend on every click. As we reduce the costs per click and start building up metrics that matter, we can start seeing the return on investment that you are achieving, From here, you will be able to increase your spend and grow your business to the levels that you wish to target.

PPC Packages

  • Start Up
    Per month $595

    Suitable for Ad spends of

    $1001 - $2000 per month

    + $595 Set Up (once off)

  • Essential
    Per month $795

    Suitable for Ad spends of

    $2001 - $5000 per month

    + Set Up $795 (once off)

  • Advanced
    Per month $1295

    Suitable for Ad spends of

    $5000 plus per month

    + Set Up $1295 (once off)

  • No upfront set up costs
  • Minimum initial 3-month term
  • Prices exclude GST

What We Actually Do!


It is critical to carry out a thorough analysis based on keywords that you wish to use to advertise. The landing page content needs to be optimized and your competitor’s bid price needs to be taken into consideration. This is key to a successful campaign and why we get the best return for every dollar you spend possible.


We set the campaigns and then painstakingly track the campaigns. The secret to getting the most out of your ad spend is to constantly review which ads are converting well and which ones are not. By continually tweaking and testing, we can see great improvement in your ad spend.


It can be a fierce battle for clicks on Pay Per Click marketing. For the regular business owner, it can be a confusing and daunting prospect. Our team will set out a methodical audit of your competition and use this to gain a cost advantage for your business.


These are additions to your ad that give customers a reason to click on your ad over a competitor. We are skilled in making the most of ad extensions and know exactly the best time and place to use them to our client’s advantage.


By constantly trying out variations of an ad in a campaign, we can really drive the click through rate to its maximum potential. It can be a time consuming process but our team is experienced in the process and committed to our client’s results.


Every month we deliver a report that breaks down all the key information that you need to know. Over time this will paint a valuable picture of the performance of the campaign and the return on investment that you are achieving.

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