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2020’s Top 5 Google Ads Trends That You Never Ignore

Author: elevateseoperth Posted On: April 16, 2020


Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is one of the popular and powerful advertising platforms that help to assist for promoting the services, brands or products online. In can boost the brand visibility and bring positive & faster results every time. Here are the top 5 important trends of Google Ads that you can not ignore in 2020.

Smart Bidding
Recently, Google has heavily invested and focuses more on Artificial Intelligence or AI. Smart Bidding is the result of this investment. According to Google’s definition, Smart Bidding is the subset of automated bid strategies that can optimize for conversions and conversion values. It generally relies on data and uses machine learning. Smart Bidding generally works for several PPC goals such as Target CPA, Target ROAS, Maximize Conversions, Re-marketing list, Interface language, Ad characteristics, etc.

Google Discovery Ads
Discovery Ad is another popular Google Ads trend. According to Google, discovery ad campaigns can enable the advertisers for delivering personalized and rich ad experiences to the people who want to engage and explore with their own brands. Google Discovery Ads should adhere to personalised advertising guidelines and Google Ads Policy guidelines. It is mobile friendly and visually engaging. Discovery Ads help marketers to reach more customers easily.

Google Gallery Ads
Google gallery ads are image-based and a swipeable ad format that can combine the search intent of users with visuals. In 2019, Google had launched Gallery Ads Beta. This is very similar to the Facebook Carousel Ads. Google Gallery Ads are able to bring a new way of marketing. Advertisers will surely get many opportunities to show their products. You can get much visual information about the product and brand this trend.

Video Advertising
Video advertising is another effective trend that you should never ignore. It helps to reach potential customers. According to the research, more than 82% of consumer traffic and businesses will come from video advertising by 2022. Nowadays, many businesses start looking for Google video ads to promote their services and products. Many digital marketers also focus on video strategies as they help marketers to tackle several types of videos on YouTube.

Integrated Ad Campaigns
Google lens is a kind of visual search engine that can recognize any type of landmark & object through the native apps. It is integrated with Android devices, Google Assistant, Google app and Google Photos. Currently, Google lens works with integrated Ad campaigns.

So, these are the most vital Google Ads trends that you should consider in 2020. It is also considered that some other unique trends will pop up soon. In the meantime, you should take advantages of these trends.


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