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Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Author: elevateseoperth Posted On: September 17, 2019


Are you a small business owner in Perth? Want to achieve success in your business? Take advantage of online marketing. Learn how to take advantage of the webspace with the following tips.

Research Your Competitors & Differentiate Yourself

Do competitor research. Use Google Search and see how your competitors are making themselves prominent in the digital space. Check out the terms that they are using in Google Search Ads. For example, if you are a plumber based in Perth, you will find terms like “fully qualified plumbers,” “1hr response” and “no call out charge” to have been used while doing your competitor research. It will become clear at once that these are the selling points, which you too can use if you provide the same service. However, try to differentiate yourself as well from your competitors to add value to your business. If there isn’t any differentiator, create one.

Get The Basics of Your Website Right

If online users find your website to be loading slow, they would jump to your competitor site for a better experience. As page load time goes from 1 second to 3 seconds the percentage of bounce rate (when someone leaves your site without interaction) increases to thirty-two percent. So, if you have a slow website, there are high chances that new users won’t be converted into customers. Being a small business with not much capital to invest in, at least make sure that you have a fast loading website – this is the basis of owning a website and increasing web traffic to your online business.

Manage Your Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play a big role in online businesses. Before buying any product online or using any service, a lot of people (about 30% people) in this mobile-first world take a look at the reviews of other people who have already used that company’s products or services when judging a local business. However, customer reviews are still often overlooked by businesses. You need to give top priority to customer reviews as part of your digital marketing strategy. If there are is any negative feedback from your customers, deal with them and take necessary measures to manage your reputation online, most potential customers will be impressed that you have dealt with it rationally and maturely.

Improve Google My Business Listing

Your online reputation as a small entrepreneur might be the determining factor while a prospective customer is looking for your service/product. With Google My Business, you can have control over your reputation when it comes to dealing with how people regard your business. Some common mistakes that you need to avoid are duplicate listings, misuse of a business name and setting up of unnecessary listings after changing of address.

Create Interesting & Informative Blog Content

Being a small business and having a keyword like “plumbing Perth”, it will not be easy for you to rank your business on the 1st page of Google. You will have to think of a content strategy, which would drive results and this is where your blog content will play a vital role. While writing your blog, keep in mind a few things. The blog should target your audience, it should be SEO friendly, it must have the right voice or tone and should be able to show the readers that they are trustworthy. Try writing and posting blogs to increase organic traffic for your local business in Perth.

Consider Google AdWords

If you want to be visible online and make your brand prominent, increase the web traffic for your small business or have plans of generating leads, then there is no better way than considering Google Ads. AdWords management is a great online marketing strategy. You should consider hiring an online marketing agency for managing your AdWords account and running the campaign successfully.

Optimise Your Site by Doing Local SEO

Local SEO is essential for you if you are running a business in any local area. There may be hundreds of businesses offering the same service as you do in your area. For you to be different from them, you need to get your local SEO done by professionals who are experts in optimising websites. By doing local SEO your website would be ranked high in Google and your target audience will be able to see you and thus may buy the product or service from you thereby increasing your sales.

Focus on a Social Media

There are many social media platforms available and the problem that you may face with your business is not knowing which platform is best suited for you. If it’s a B2B then Twitter or/and LinkedIn would be your appropriate choice but if it is a B2C business, then Instagram and/or Facebook should be the channels. Whatever you find is best, concentrate on only one social media platform because being a small entrepreneur you probably won’t have much capital to manage more than a channel effectively.

So, if you want to achieve success online make sure to do all the things that have been mentioned above. You will get satisfactory results and your business will soar high in no time.


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