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What Do You Think Your Website Really Needs to Rank – One Off SEO or Ongoing SEO Services? Part I

Author: elevateseoperth Posted On: June 11, 2019

You may build an SEO-friendly website with a search-engine friendly CMS, insert keywords in the content naturally & organically and then sit back to watch your pages start ranking. But, you may notice after some days or months that your website is no more ranked in the search engine or has gone down the SERPs. This is because the search engines are constantly changing. So to rank your website you will need to invest in ongoing SEO services.

One-off SEO services is just a temporary solution. Don’t get tripped up by the phrase ‘one-off SEO services’ if you really want your site to rank in the search engines. Although you will find that both one-off SEO service and monthly SEO services can theoretically do the same thing but ongoing SEO is a far more superior service. This means for your website optimisation you need to look for affordable SEO company in Perth that offers SEO services on a monthly basis.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in ongoing SEO services rather than one-off SEO service.

One Off SEO or Ongoing SEO Services - What Your Website Really Needs

  • Search Engines Constantly Change

It’s not a couple of times in a year or sporadically that the rules of search engines like Google change. They change almost every day and that’s the main reason why ongoing SEO services are so important for website rankings. The changes usually create a negative impact on the site without even any warning. However, with ongoing SEO services, you can be ensured that the changes won’t create any negative effect on your site because the highly skilled and talented SEO ninjas would be optimising your site every day to maintain your ranking stability after understanding the Google algorithm updates and changes.

  • Content Needs to be Updated and Search Engine Friendly

Google has an unceasing appetite for SEO optimised content, which means the search engine is always in search of keyword optimised, new, relevant content. The algorithms of Google give special preference to sites, which have original, new & updated material that can feed its searchers with correct information. And the only way to take benefit of this preference is to cater to it for which hiring ongoing SEO services of affordable SEO service in Perth is necessary. Digital marketing companies like Elevate SEO Perth give massive focus on keyword optimised blogs helping to optimise the website for the most crucial keywords.

  • Link Building Tactics are Followed

The link building tactic that’s used is very important to rank a website and this is only possible by digital marketing companies that offer ongoing SEO services. This is because it needs new links to be built as well as backlinked to the website on a regular basis, month after month. With this tactic being followed, Google gets to know that the website is genuine and relevant as other sites are linking to it. The more reliable portals the website would be linking from, the better would Google rank it.

There are many more reasons as to why you should invest in monthly SEO services rather than one time SEO service. To find out more about them, stay tuned to our blog.

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