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Important Elements to Check for Your Site’s Better Performance

Author: elevateseoperth Posted On: August 16, 2019


When did you last audit your website? Was it this year? No! Two years ago? Awwhh….!! It’s high time you should audit it then. With website auditing, you can optimise the elements of your site to boost your traffic & subsequently your leads. So, what is it that you should look for while conducting an audit? Here is a guide that can help to perform your audit. Have a look at it and follow it if you want to make improvements to your site.

Website Audit Checklist

Technical Evaluation

There are several technical elements that you need to have a look at if you do not want your site’s performance to be affected. They happen to be an integral part of a website. But what are those things that need to be checked while conducting a technical audit? Let’s find out…

• Look for oversized files or images, which can be minimized as they happen to be the main cause of slowing the speed of the site
• Correct any broken links, 404 errors or re-direct messages
• Find out whether the website design is responsive as that will make your site look & function great on all platforms including desktop, tablets, and smartphones.
• Uncover missed off-page or on-page SEO opportunities like anchor links, keywords, meta tags, alt text, and title tags by using SEO tool Screaming Frog
• Check the length of the website URLs and whether they are keyword-stuffed
• Make sure to have a site structure. The webpages should be linked internally for faster indexing by the search engines. The navigation needs to be easy to use and functional.
• Find out if your website is secure & uses HTTPS vs HTTP

Content Evaluation

Content plays a big role when it comes to website performance. So, you always need to give it a high priority. Make sure your content is always of high quality. If it happens to be poor, you will then struggle with your inbound marketing strategy. Always perform your content audit by:

• Removing any duplicate content from the website even if it is internal duplication
• Ensuring the content is engaging, informative, helpful and aligns with customer’s expectations
• Reviewing blogs for grammar or spelling errors
• Updating factual inaccuracies pertaining to your company, products, services or industry
• Looking for & implementing social media buttons on the site to help in content distribution
• Checking for tactical use of CTAs & other lead generation offers and creating less or more as needed.

Design Evaluation

Your website is the face of your business. It creates the first impression of your company. So, its design should be such that your potential prospects shouldn’t steer away from it. To ensure your website performs great and gets leads and customers, conduct a website design audit by:

• Ensuring your design aligns with your branding
• Seeing if the web design flows, if the content is readable and if the graphics are of superior quality
• Looking for a great balance of graphics and text
• Assuring your design is both up-to-date and modern

After you are done with auditing your website, have another individual to look at your website to find places for improvement. You never know there may be more to discover! However, if website auditing seems to be a daunting task for you, schedule a website audit by hiring a professional online marketing agency in Perth and maintain the health of your website at a low cost.



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