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What Is The Importance Of Designing A Mobile Friendly Website?

Author: elevateseoperth Posted On: February 22, 2018


SEO experts often call it MobileGeddon, which seems to be a huge wake-up call for all website developers as well as business owners. It is a move where traffic and a greater response is prioritized through mobile responsive sites. As per the specifications made by Google on April 21st, 2015, being mobile-friendly plays an important role in the ranking factor of a website.

According to recent studies, most of the companies in the world do not have mobile-friendly websites. This is a big upset in the world of e-commerce. Business owners do not tend to invest more as they don’t know what comforts can be enjoyed through a mobile-friendly site.

Does a mobile-friendly website really matter?

Today, mobile has turned to a new age way of providing various advantages to the users. Thus, people love to do their daily computing works and accessing the Internet through mobile devices while on the move. This makes sense, that your website too must match with the current trend to keep up with the challenge. It has been seen that a whopping 60 percent of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. So, without a mobile-friendly site, a lot of users can bounce back, thus having a negative impact on your business.

Also, having a mobile-friendly website is good when you opt for social media marketing campaigns. This is because the evaluation of ranking is totally based on Bounce Rates and Click Backs.

Defining Bounce Rate and Click Back

Bounce rate is when a user either leaves the webpage by entering another URL or just by clicking an internal link. On the contrary, Click Back is when a user enters your webpage, and then realises that there’s nothing relevant to his/her search. This occurrence is tracked by Google and the time spent on a website plays a major role in helping it be among the top ranks.

SEO and Mobile-Friendliness

When you are looking to rank on the first page of Google, mobile usability is ranked as the third most crucial factor. In November 2016, Google also made this clear that the mobile version of a website gets greater preferences than its desktop one. It is important to note that the ranking signals come from the mobile version of your website and not the desktop one

Therefore, it is important to design a webpage which is mobile friendly. Hire the SEO experts in Perth to make things look easier within an affordable rate.

To know more about mobile-friendly sites, stay tuned to our blog space.

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