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How to Improve Your Website & Increase Your Web Traffic?

Author: elevateseoperth Posted On: January 24, 2020

Within 5 seconds of your visitor landing to your site, can he/she determine what your company offers? Can the user navigate to your blog if he/she wants to? Is your pricing easy to understand? If all your answers are ‘no’ to any of these questions, it’s time you should make improvements to your website. Here are a few website design tips that you should be well aware of so as to not lose your potential customers.

Remove some verbiage from your site

There are a few elements of a site that detract from the message & value, which you are hoping to convey to your target audience. Content which waffles on, stocky images and complicated animations are some of the elements that you must address. Your visitors have a span of about 8 seconds – within this time you need to create a strong impression getting your main points fast. You may do this with concise headers, brief yet powerful content sections and relevant photographs. Once you are done with this, make sure it doesn’t have any jargon.

Use calls to action

In order to let your visitors know what they must do when they land on to your site, give them some kind of direction. Here “call to action” buttons have their roles to play – they can guide visitors through your website. Use those CTAs, which give your target audience the materials to educate themselves & solve their issues. If done correctly, your business would be labelled as the one, which provides useful content, your audience will feel comfortable to research your products & services to see if you may help them solve their issues.

Ensure a landing page does its job right

A landing page is generally created for marketing purposes. Usually, people arrive at this page after clicking through a link, which appears in ads. A well designed and powerful landing page is able to urge visitors to do a certain kind of action – be it making a purchase online or subscribing to your newsletter. The headers, images, subheaders & buttons must represent the message of a page in a powerful, clear and effective manner.

Optimize your site for mobile

80% of online users are basically smartphone owners and so you need to tailor your site to meet the needs and wants of these mobile visitors. Include all things that the mobile users would want to see in your website and make sure they are able to do all those things easily by accessing your site from their mobile phones. Also, ensure that your site isn’t lagging on mobile optimization and that your users have a seamless mobile experience right from the start to finish.

Your website needs to have a visual or emotional impact on your target audience. So, make sure it looks beautiful and is functional. In fact, only when a website serves these two functions, will it be able to increase its web traffic.


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