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Understanding The Difference Between UI and UX

Author: elevateseoperth Posted On: December 4, 2019

If you are a small entrepreneur, you would know how essential it is to have a presence for your business on the “worldwide web”. With more than 2.14 billion online shoppers projected to purchase products and services by 2021, you can understand why all your effort must be on building a quality website for your business. However, website development is only the beginning. If you want to convert your customers, you must have a functional and creative website, which is a pleasure to use.

Hire a website design and development company in Perth for creating a great website for your small business. Make sure the designer you hire uses both User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design for complementing the features & details of your site with the intention of drawing users closer to your goods/services. To get an idea of the difference between UI and UX design, have a look:

User Interface Design (UI)

In website development, UI is defined as a series of screens, pages, visual elements and text entry fields for assisting the user to interact with a device or platform. It is basically the look as well as the feel of the site or the brand’s personality. UI is synonymous with the front-end development, which means it manages tasks, information & workflows for turning something that’s complex in the background to something that is visual and simple for users to interact with. UI is the intersection between digital graphic design and programming. It may mean anything from complete layouts to visual representations such as interface animations, transitions & micro-interactions.

So, what can be summed up as a UI design is, it is a visual design + interaction design.

User Experience Design (UX)

UX involves how difficult or easy it is to interact or navigate with the user interface elements on a website. This type of design basically considers how intuitive the User Interface elements the visitors actually interact with are, as they may be the more detailed aspects of your site.

UX design is how the users flow through your site. It typically tries finding out the steps, which users generally follow at the time of navigating your website and makes them easy to accomplish. UX design actually focuses on satisfying the experience of the customers through ease of use and enhancing the overall pleasure that they receive while interacting with your product or website.

The iterative analysis is an essential part of UI as designers create wire-frames of interface interactions & solicit user feedback for improving the design. Once designers have feedback, they integrate the changes that are needed in the design for creating a more intuitive experience for the users.

So, UX is operational design + the feedback.

UI and UX design work together in creating a cohesive website navigation experience. So, make sure to have both in your website design to maximize the potential of your responsive web design.


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