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5 Tips on Conversion Rate Optimization to Earn More Leads From Website

Author: elevateseoperth Posted On: May 18, 2020


First, we should understand what is a conversion rate optimization and its subsequent importance for the websites.

Defining Conversion Rate Optimization along with its related importance for the Business Websites


The websites are predominantly set up with a set of goals. The website has to drive users who should be the customers, make the users sign up for the business newsletters, and also write a review after using the products and services. To the marketing arena, all these goals are termed as “conversions”. The conversions are the ultimate result of the website and digital marketing to the success of the business entity.

When the browsers visit the web pages, spend time browsing but end up with a transaction, then it is the traffic or the lead turning to conversion. This is known as conversion rate optimization or CRO.

CRO is achieved with the help of analytics along with website refining analytics or the correct marketing activity. The motive is increasing the users’ time spend and the transactions on the website. Thus, apart from focussing on generating more traffic to the website, as a wise business owner, you have to create an encouraging platform for the visitors to enter into an interaction with the website in the methods that will be fruitful for the business.

Now we shall focus on the suitable five tips to encourage the users to turn to much-awaited conversions.

Relevant Five Tips To Convert the Users to Conversion Rate –

1. Using the Digital  Analytic Tools

Digital tool analytics like Google Analytics discloses a huge amount of useful information regarding the website. Linking the website to the Google Analytics account helps to track metrics, user data as well as website traffic regarding the users visiting the website. Google Analytics is an apt place to start with the CRO journey. The Analytics tool renders good deal information like the user bounce rates that is the number of users visiting the website but leaving soon, the sources directing the users to the website, and the pages the users generally tend to interact less and avoid. Online analytics tool provides an excellent platform to plan for the digital marketing strategies, and even keep a track of their success.

2. Starting With the Right Audience

The crucial task is generating potential users to the websites. Optimizing the advertisement choices and marketing content helps in achievement. The analytics tools for the business website is suitable for the matter and the correct online analytics set up help in tracking the users’ sources directing to the website. These users put responsive actions. Using the analytical tools, it is easy to find out how the users are visiting the website using social media links, Google searches or email marketing. Hence, you have the opportunity to tweak the marketing for focussing on the productive results.

3. Creating A Website Conversion Funnel

The conversion funnel is a representation of the visitors’ flow right from the moment they visit on the website and proceed with the way to fulfil the necessary action. It is a digital marketing term. The flow is represented in a funnel shape that shows the number of browsers to reach the next stage of the conversion funnel through each stage. A well-defined website conversion funnel ensures the right links and information, which are presented to the visitors at each stage. The four main stages represented in the conversion funnel are –

  • AwarenessThe place where the users land on the website – you have to ensure that the right audiences are visiting the website.
  • Interest You have to introduce the users to the website and initiate them to create interest in the products and services of your business.
  • DesireNext, you have to turn the interest to strong desire. Communicate to the users about the importance of the products and services and how your business will benefit them.
  • ConversionsCommit users to gain conversion. The shopping cart or the subscription form that the users will use to fill up should be flexible and easy to use.

Just as the visitors visit the website, they cannot be asked to purchase because they have the least idea about your website. So, if they are pushed for an activity, in all probability, they would not give in much time. Thus, first, you ought to plan and then create a suitable website conversion funnel, which flows from one stage to the other. Such a funnel helps to attract the visitors’ attention and keeps them both engaged and informed about each step. So, they would not leave midway.

4. The Spots Where the Users Give Up

After spending a good deal time on your website, the users could leave suddenly, and there is a reason behind such behaviour. To track the users’ movement, make proper use of the analytical tool and focus on the exit pages, especially where the users’ session had ended. You have to concentrate on the pages where the users lose their interest, and if the data reveals a large number of users move out at a particular page, then you have to find out the issues. Maybe the page is not user friendly or the links are not functioning properly. Just as the reason is clear to you, you have to focus on the pages’ user experiences.

5. User-Generated Content Where The People are Trusted by People

The product and service description is based on the content – the users trust the written material. At the same time, create a website that will help them to interact with you and with the other users. At the same time, the reviews and the pictures shared even earns the trust of the people. Integrated marketing practices include linking social media, allowing customers to tag and write comments. Everything hints at gaining the users’ trust and thus encourages them to take part in real transactions.

Traffics and leads are no doubt important for the business, but what keeps the business running is conversions. The customers are attracted to the website owing to its features, and the efforts of the business owners. Digital marketing plays its part to keep the users engaged and turn them to conversions.


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