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4 Easy Ways To Drive Sales With User Generated Content

Author: elevateseoperth Posted On: October 31, 2018


You can find branding contents flooding all over the market. And it is quite difficult to attract customers over a particular brand and product. So, in order to capture their attention, the seller always tends to do something new, something more authentic, something more interesting. This is where internet marketing comes into the picture. All the companies should focus on creating user-generated content so that the content can earn more search volume, more customer visits.

Hype About User-generated Content (UGC) : 

User-generated content refers to generating a content about a particular brand and a particular company. So, the content not only acts as a powerful social proof but also adds credibility to your company brand. There is a number of ways by which you can boost ROI with the user-generated content.

Running Contests :

Host a UGC-led contest, that is the simplest way to uplift your user-generated content and engage followers. So, first of all, set up goals for your contest and then chalk out the rules of the contest rules. Keep in mind that you need to rules plain and simple, more simpler the rules, more maximizes the participation. Make plans on which platform you want to deploy the website. Once you are done, here comes the most significant part, promote the contest. Along with promoting on social media, you can send emails about the contest to the customers, blog a post regarding the contest. Not only that, you can engage influences to participate in the buzz.

Create Online Catalog :

According to a particular research, user-generated content indicates how good a service is or a brand is, keep in mind, that those contents must be customer demand oriented. So, create online catalogues or microsite in accordance to the user-generated contents and influence the customer purchase decision by showing how your loyal customers are using your product.

Spice Up Your Website Branding :

User-generated contents have the power to influence one’s buying power. According to research, customers feel more secure while shopping while they read good reviews about a certain product or a certain brand in a content. So, it makes sense for a business to generate more and more user-generated contents. Even, link your content to the respective product image as that help boost conversions and earn more sales. In this way, you are giving customers more unique visual proof to insist them to buy your product.

Advertise UGC in Social Media :

You also need to create perfect advertisements to run on social media platforms. According to a study conducted by Facebook, user-generated content generates drives around seven times higher engagement compared to the brand-generated content and people find these customer-generated content more engaging and credible.

The guideline focuses on the beneficial aspects of the user-generated content, UGC acts as one of the most effective powerful content marketing tools to create brand awareness and encourage sales. Thus it builds trust and confidence with the customers.


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